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This site is an ever evolving resource of Educational Technology ICT tools to help enhance the teaching and learning that goes on in our classrooms. Please feel free to add to the resources within this wiki. Assistance on using Wikispaces and the other resources mentioned in this wiki is available from Rob, Nathan, and Phil.
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  • "SJR Learners" - "Google Apps for Education" accounts for all SJR students and faculty is the foundation platform for the School's "cloud computing" productivity web tools. SJR Learners will enable all students and faculty to access the collaborative features of Google Apps for Education.

Feature Link: 50 Educational Technology Tools Every Teacher Should Know About

Remember - a wealth of Educational Technology resources and Ed Tech PD sessions can and will make you feel uncomfortable, at first!

... borrowed from Ed Tech Ideas | Tech Integration for Busy Teachers Blog
As with most workshops, the overwhelming influx of ideas from Alan’s workshop left teachers with a mix of emotions, feeling somewhere in-between, “I’m not doing enough” and “There’s so much out there, I want to try everything now!” A suggestion that Mike Pelletier aptly calls, “TBC” (Tech Baby Steps) is always a good idea. Begin with just one thing that grabbed your attention and go with it – make it work for your classroom, not as an add-on, but as an integration.

This Century Learning

Fifteen years into the 21st Century and there is starting to be some push back to the term 21st Century Learning. I am in the process of changing my reference to how ICT impacts education from 21st Century Learning to This Century Learning. In the end, it is all about the learning and for most of the content of this wiki, focuses on how ICT tools provide us with opportunities that we never had at our disposal in the last century. When I see the term 21st Century Learning, I will be making a substitution in my mind to this century.


Happy Educational Technology Computing :-)
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