Do you like the play on words? Teching Tools - More importantly - Teaching & Learning Tools

Little Book of Superb Sites

The Super Book of Web Tools for Educators

Web 2.0 Tools in Education: A Quick Guide by Mohamed Amin Embi

New Search Tool

Provides a visually interesting overview of 2 million plus topics.

How to Do 11 Techy Things in the New School Year Thanks to David Byrne - author of Free Technology for Teachers.

Web 2.0 Digital Learner vs. Traditional Learner

21st Century Teacher

What the Tools Can be used for - I prefer Diigo over
What the Tools Can be used for - I prefer Diigo over

A Teacher's Guide to Web 2.0 at School

New Way to Lecture

Web Tools

Google Apps - Cloud Shared Presentation - Google Docs, Moodle, iPod Touch

10 WebTools to Make Learning in Class Even Better

10 Web Tools to Make Learning in Your Class Even Better! Presented by Adam Bellow of eduTecher from AdamBellow on Vimeo.

21 Skills Every Teacher Should Know

This site features great just in time learning for skills to support your students' learning.

Techy Tips for not so techy teachers:

*This excellent list of tools is also an example of a shared Google Presentation which all SJR students will have access to in the fall of 2010.


Educational Change Challenge

The World Has Shifted Forever...Keepup

How Not to Teach with Computers

History of ed tech
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