SJR Learners - G Suite for Education

2009-2010, Roland and Phil began "testing" the use of a SJR controlled version of Google Docs aka Google Apps for Education. The newly renamed G Suite for Education allows us more control of what features students can use and with whom they can collaborate. Privacy settings are significantly different from a regular Google Account. G Suite for Education is now a corner stone tool with our 1 to 1 initiative which spans Grade 4 to 12.

The G Suite for Education domain name for our school is:

Email addresses in the system will look like this:

New Google Drive Cheat Sheet

Power of the Doc (think word processor) tool:

Making an ePortfolio using Google Sites - Great overview of how to make a website using this tool.

Stay tuned for more information on this initiative. In the mean time, you will find a lot of resources below to learn how to leverage the upcoming webtools faculty and students will have access to.

Links and Resources for the use of Google Docs

Diigo List created by Phil - some favourite links about using Google Docs

A few Sample links from the list:

How To Files:



Google Docs Tips: