Brain Research

A New Map of How We Think: Top Brain/Bottom Brain

The brain doesn't work one part at a time, but rather as a single interactive system, with all parts contributing in concert, as neuroscientists have long known. The left brain/right brain story may be the mother of all urban legends: It sounds good and seems to make sense—but just isn't true.

Born to Learn from Born to Learn on Vimeo.

John Medina in his book, "Brain Rules" argues that all teachers should be brain experts if we want to help our students acquire and retain knowledge. This page will be an ongoing resource of brain science and the impact of technology.

Teen Brains being rewired:

Multitasking and Studying - Not just our students - we need to remember the advice too.

Video Games for Learning;

Learning Suggestions:

Bloom's Digital Taxonomy

Star Wars - Bloom's Taxonomy

Impact of Media - Brain Development

finding balance with technology use:

Generation M - "plastic brains"

Michael Levine - Digital Media for Kids - three powerful trends in digital media that are revolutionizing learning.